top 4 game apps to win cash



here are  top 4  apps to win cash online without stress very legitimate

1. HQ

HQ Live Trivia Game Show is a game app that’s played for real prize money. Players must be 17 years old to play the game,
 according to the app’s terms. Each 12-minute game is hosted live as hundreds of thousands of players log in to answer 12 multiple-choice questions on a wide variety of trivia topics If you win money,
 it’s distributed through PayPal; teens need to be 18 to have a PayPal account Circadian prizes go up to $5,000, with a $25,000 cost on Sundays. Occasionally, prizes can be abundant college — up to $400,000.
The HQ app is accessible on Google Play and in the iTunes App Store.


Lucktastic is  free app where players can win real cash prizes and real rewards straight from their mobile devices.” In fact, Lucktastic is mobile device-only and you have to download the app to begin playing.


If you want to make money from your smartphone  Lucktastic is one of the easiest and most fun ways to earn cash or gift cards.

3. PCHGames

This app is run by the Publishers Clearing House or PCH for short. 
Go to PCHGames to get admission to blemish cards and burning win amateur area you could win up to $2,500.
 You’ll acquire tokens that can be acclimated to access cost drawings. If you’re absolutely lucky, you could win prizes up to $1 million.
Aside from fromgain    top prize, you can as well redeem your prize for fun giveaway.

4. Swag IQ

swag iq  is quite competitive, and for those who love trivia and competition, it is perfect. This is also one of its disadvantages.
There is no possibility of cheating as the application is secure, and there are only 10 seconds to answer each question.
The grand prizes typically equal more than $1000, more than many other reward-based applications.
Flash games pop up during the week, with added bonuses.100 SB points is equal to $1.
SB points can be redeemed for gift prizes on the platform.
Cashing out with PayPal and Amazon are the easiest and most commonly used methods of cashing out.
They both offer as little as 300 SB ($3) reward cashouts.
They also tend to arrive quite quickly, in as little as 2-3 business days

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