Now The Cool One Can

If you’re asked for the meaning of the word “Cool”, what would your reply be?


A lot of people have their own ideas of the meaning of the word,

There are a lot of misconceptions of what it means, but here’s what cool IS NOT!!

Being cool doesn’t mean being a gangster,

It doesn’t mean living life on the edge, or a fake one at that.

It isn’t spending above your means, buying the latest and most expensive toys and accessories.

The true meaning of Cool can be found in the following words ‘being true to the real you’,

Cool is simply assurance, assurance in oneself, confidence in your own swag and vibe.

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It means being comfortable in your skin, it shows in your clothes, not dressing to impress, but for yourself.

Cool is individuality, it’s knowing yourself and knowing you can take on the world just by being you.

It’s owning your uniqueness, it is being real to yourself, cool is you in the truest form.

Cool is simply embracing your personality,

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