GREED is a new satire starring Steve Coogan, among others – here is everything you need to know about the movie.

Steve Coogan stars in the new movie Greed, a satire on wealth from writer/director Michael Winterbottom. The movie also features Love Island Caroline Flack in her final on screen appearance, after her sad death on February 15. Here is everything there is to know about the movie Greed.


When is Greed out in cinemas?

Greed is released in cinemas on February 21 in the UK and the USA.

The movie first aired at the Toronto Film Festival on September 7, after which it will be screened at the London Film Festival on October 9.

Greed will then released in the UK, the USA and Ireland on February 21, followed by Australia in April 23.

Greed release date, cast, trailer, plot: All you need to know

Who is in the cast of Greed?

Steve Coogan is the star of the film as Sir Richard McCreadie, while Isla Fisher plays his wife Samantha McCreadie and Sophie Cookson his daughter, Lily McCreadie.

His son Finn McCreadie is played by Asa Butterfield of Sex Education, while comedian David Mitchell plays Nick, McCreadie’s biographer.

Doctor Who star Pearl Mackie plays Cathy and Game of Thrones’ Enzo Cilenti plays Eric Weeks, while Dinita Gohil plays Amanda.

A huge number of cast members also contribute, including Shirley Henderson, Sarah Solemani, Ollie Locke, Shanina Shaik, Asim Chaudhry, Stephen Fry, Pixie Lott and Caroline Flack.

Steve Coogan in Greed

What is the plot of Greed?

The official synopsis from British Council reads: “Greed tells the story of self-made British billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie (Steve Coogan), whose retail empire is in crisis.

“For 30 years he has ruled the world of retail fashion – bringing the high street to the catwalk and the catwalk to the high street – but after a damaging public inquiry, his image is tarnished.

“To save his reputation, he decides to bounce back with a highly publicised and extravagant party celebrating his 60th birthday on the Greek island of Mykonos.

“A satire on the grotesque inequality of wealth in the fashion industry, the film sees McCreadie’s rise and fall through the eyes of his biographer, Nick (David Mitchell).”

Steve Coogan as Richard McCreadie in Greed

Is there a trailer for Greed?

The trailer for Greed shows Coogan in a way he has never been seen.

Coogan’s McCreadie is bright orange with fake tan, with his teeth shining bright white in the sunshine.

However, it is clear his charmed lifestyle, even on his birthday, is not completely working out, as his biographer Nick reveals.

Caroline Flack with Isla Fisher and Steve Coogan in Greed

What do critics think of Greed?

Greed has gained a 61 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a reviews aggregator.

Damon Wise from The Times gave the story four stars, calling it: “The super-rich have been more subtly skewered, but never so juicily.”

However, Tim Robey of the Daily Telegraph was less enamoured, giving it two stars, adding: “Without doubt, the Winterbottom-Coogan partnership had its glory days. But Greed is not good.”

The films seems to have had fairly divisive reviews, so fans can decide whether they are on board with the movie.

Greed is out in cinemas on February 21

Greed Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: All You Need To Know About Steve Coogan Comedy 1Greed Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: All You Need To Know About Steve Coogan Comedy 1

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