viral trend review —make money online



 viral trend review —make money online
ok i am king emvido i will be taking about vira trend is this real or scam well its legit due to my own reviw
meanwhile, ViralTrend is platform where advertisers can create ads or social media tasks.
The social media tasks includes sharing Likes, Viewing Videos, Following accounts on various social media platforms.
  • Advertisers pay for the tasks they have created and registered users and promoters carry out the tasks and get paid 90%, viral Review is one scheme with lot of Google search today. Just like
  •  NNU
  •  Cool Naira
  • Wakanda
  • Blogs9ja

 and many others.

well let checkout the founder of viral trend below
Viral Trend Founder

ViralTrend was founded by Prince Legacy Wealth Omogie. He is a Nigerian social media influencer and President of D Youth Project Nigeria. His Instagram handle is @legacywealth1.
He created viral trend like a platform that will credit users for using their social media accounts effectively.
ViralTrend is a well-designed platform that pays its users to perform specific social media tasks and refer others as well.
 Many earning site has bloomed to help, whereas, others were scams

How Dose Generate Revenues
Before discussing how to use ViralTrend and start making money, let discuss how they make their money very necessary.
ViralTrend generates revenue by providing social media visibility. This service is rendered to companies, brands helping them reach out to social platforms.
The primary platforms used by Viral trend is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube subscribers, video views, and likes, and to promote you as a promoter.
How to earn from Viral Trend.

 How to earn from Viral Trend.
To earn from viral trend, you have to participate in some important activities.
  • The activities includes;
  • Subscribing to a YouTube channel – ₦10
  • Watch a YouTube Video – ₦5
  • Like a Facebook Page – ₦10
  • Like a Facebook Post – ₦3
  • Follow an Instagram handle – ₦10
  • Like an Instagram post – ₦3
  • Watch an Instagram video – ₦5
  • Follow a Twitter handle – ₦10
  • Retweet – ₦5
  • Like a Tweet – ₦2

The above listed are the primary earnings activities on But that is not all, some other simple activities are also involved.
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Viral SignUp and Withdrawal
The Basic Sign-up Plan
Signing up involves two plans, the basic and the premium.
Coming in as a basic member, you are currently required to pay only N500.
Picking this option, your entitled to 30% referrals commissions.
Also, you earn an extra 5% for their downlines.
The Premium Sign-up Plan
Currently, you register premium with N2500 and enjoy 50% commissions. Also, you earn 10% from your referral referrals
*WITHDRAWAL TERMS* 🏦 🤑 💯 Minimum withdrawal is #2,500. 😳 You can request anytime. 😀 *NOTE : YOU BECOME A PROMOTER ON VIRAL TREND ONCE YOU *SIGN UP FEE IS A ONE TIME PAYMENT OF #500.*

🙌 😀 join vira trend now click here to REGISTER.* 💯

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