How to prevent body odour



Are you tired of body odour then you are in the right place because i will show you how to prevent body odour, no one loves anyone with body odour or even mouth odour you can also check out how to Whitening your teeth that’s on our next post, so first of all what is body odour

What is body odour

Body odour is a offensive smell that’s generated once we sweat. It produces a unpleasant odor called human body odour, though perspiration (sweat) it self is odourless however when sweat with some bacteria on the skin surface meet, It produced and unpleasant odour.

Cause of body odour

Body odour’s cause is linked to apocrine gland, This gland produces sweat that is high in protein which the skin bacteria breaks down easily,

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Most apocrine glands in the skin are found in the armpit and genital region, this is where the body odour comes from, Additionally, aside apocrine gland, there’s another gland called eccrine gland, this gland is found in each part of the human body,

with the highest density in hands and bottoms in all skin, but much less about the back and the extremities. The gland produces an odorless sweat but this can as well develop in an unpleasant smell due to what we eat and drink, so it also depends on you.

Get rid of body oduor

How to prevent body odour

Use deodorant or antiperspirant

Deodorant has the power to mask the odor, in addition, it also makes the skin more acidic, hence making it hard for bacteria to flourish

On the other hand, your sweating will be reduced by antiperspirant. It is better you employ antiperspirant at night before bedtime, so allowing it to perform its own work during the night while you are sleeping.

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Shaving your armpit

Regular shaving of this underarm will make sweat to vanish, and this will also allow the armpit to dry quickly, this will also make it hard for bacteria to flourish,

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This is the best part of all even dough you do everything to stop body odour and you don’t bath regularly then Am sorry to say tons of body odor await you. Learn how to bath properly

So Where sweat glands are more making it difficult for bacteria to grow it is Advisable you bath daily or two times a day, paying more attention to your armpit

Watch your diet

Garlic, onion, curry along with another hot food can boost the danger of body odour. It is advisable that you go easy on those spices. If you are willing to prevent body odour

Wear Breathable Clothes

Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and silk would be your very best option.

This materials allow air flow , keeping your body temperature low thus reduces the perspiration and it is easily evaporated even if you sweat

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