how to pink and take care of your lips Naturally



Have you ever wondered how your Friends are getting pink lips then you are in the right place in this article i will teach you how to pink and take care of your lips Naturally.

Let’s just get started instead of beating around the bush.

Don’t Lick Your Lips Licking

Don’t Lick Your Lips Licking or touching they are lost of germs in your hand and so don’t lick your because licking your lips can have a direct effect on your skin.

Most of us are addicted to licking the lips more often thinking that it would moisturise the skin nope but the main fact is that it makes the problem worse.

When you lick your lips it might look hydrated for some time but as soon as it evaporates, it will make your lips even more dry and flaky. This is because saliva contains enzymes that are harsh on your lips.

 Also touching your lips frequently will take away the natural moisturisers from the lips and leave your lips dry. meanwhile, using lipsticks will only help you in protecting your lips to some extent.

Whenever you step out of the house do not forget to apply a lipstick in order to keep your lips protected from the dirt, but for the guys no need
sun and dry air.

Make sure that you always carry a lip balm in your make-up bag wherever you go. so no one knows when is or her lips get dry so having it always with you will help you.

Brush your lips

Yes brushing your lips might hurt but i can tell you it will definitely pay off this part is best part in getting Natural pink lips when brushing your lips you peel off the old layer and the new layer of your skin emerges

Note : when brushing your lips please be gentle and don’t hurt yourself

so when brushing next time brush your lips and thank me later.

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Drink water

And lastly Drink Water relying on products only won’t provide enough care for your lips. So that your lips can stay hydrated,
it is important that you also take care of it from within. You can do this by simply increasing the intake of water.

The more water you drink more hydration it will provide,  Do you love This article do well to share with your friends


Do you have other methods to do pink lips Naturally without using any products like lip bam and the rest notify by dropping your comments below


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