How to get Google Adsense approval 10 secrets



How to get Google Adsense approval 10 secrets

Enjoying Google adsense and reaping the reward that comes with it can be very sweet, but to get approved in Google Adsense can be quite frustrating.

One of the best ad network you can try out today is Google Adsense if you are seeking to make money from your website or your blog.

Their CPC (cost per click) is the best out of any other ad networks out there. In addition, Google Adsense also makes it possible for her publishers to get the highest CTR for each page on their blog.

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So Every month, publishers are getting paid from Google Adsense and they are smiling to the bank. However, as they say, a good thing does not come easy, There must be hard work before success can be achieved.

The hard work I am referring to in this case is to get approved by Google Adsense. Since Google Adsense is one of the best ad networks among all other ad networks, the chances of getting approved is limited and it is only when you play your cards well that you will get approved.

Well In this article, I am going to be listing out over 10 secrets in order to get an approval message from Google Adsense when you apply to this ad network, It is very important to note that the 10 secrets I will be listing out is not easy and it requires hard work and determination to finally achieve it and get approved.

A lot of people who are opening new blogs often get a disapproval message from Google Adsense whenever they decide to apply because they fail to follow the terms and conditions attached to getting an approval message from Google Adsense. They (Google Adsense) has strict rules and we will be sharing the secret to getting an approval message from Google Adsense in the list below. So lent me your heart ❤ so They include:

1. Write High and Quality Contents

A blog worthy of Google Adsense approval must be able to deliver high quality contents. What I mean by high quality contents are contents which are unique, free from plagiarism, clear articles with no too much vocabularies used and easy to understand contents


. Some lazy bloggers who do not want to work hard will post contents of about 100-200 words and expect their website or blogs to get approved, and they will be disappointed when it turns out that they will get declined.

For some other bloggers, copy and paste is one of the ways in which they get contents on their website or blog, how then do you think Google Adsense will approve your website or blog when you are ripping off other people’s hard work.

Adsense as an ad network believes in fair play and doing anything against that means you will get declined when you apply for Google Adsense. Be aware of the fact that Google Adsense for no reason will approve any website or blog with copy and paste contents.

You must be willing to be able to create your own unique contents if you are looking for Google Adsense approval. In addition, your contents should contain a word length of 500 and above in order to boast of a lengthy content and get Google Adsense approval.

2. Optimize your posts with Meta Tags and enable it SEO friendly

Another secret to get Google Adsense approval is to optimize every post you make with Meta Tags and also make it SEO friendly. The job of the Meta Tags is to describe the kind of content to what we call the crawler bots.

The crawler bots does the job of checking the posts made and it is made used of by the Google Adsense team to check posts by websites who applied for Google Adsense. Meta Tags should be between 69 characters. SEO means search engine optimization. Making your blog posts SEO friendly is a secret to get Google Adsense approval.

3. Plenty content words or posts

This is one of the best secret amongst others in getting Google Adsense approval message. Having enough and sufficient contents is what a blog or website should naturally have especially if you seek to get Google adsense approval message.

Contents are divided into categories and each category should have 3 or 4 posts in it before applying for Google Adsense. In a blog before applying for Google Adsense, at least 18 — 22 posts should be found in order not to get declined by the Google Adsense approval team. Like I said earlier also, contents should have a minimum word count of 500 and no maximum at all.

Your blog domain must be at least 6 months old
This does not actually work in all cases, but majority of the cases in which I have encountered, Google Adsense team needs your blog domain to be at least 6 months old. However, some blog domain which are less than 6 months can actually get approved, but do not take that chance and make sure you get a blog domain of about 6 months.

4. Apply for Adsense using Root domain

Root domain has significant meaning in getting Google Adsense approval. When applying for Google Adsense, always make sure you are using a root domain like and not The latter will get declined instantly by Google Adsense team.

5. Right Contents Images

It is very important to note that Google Adsense will not approve your blog as a publisher if your content images have some issues with copyright. Copyrighted simply has it that your images has been copied directly from another website or blog without their full authorization.

Do not make the mistake of directly copying an image from another blog if you do not have permission to do that because this image could serve as the reason for you getting disapproved by Google Adsense.

6. Design and Structure of your blog


This is another basic secret to getting approved by Google Adsense. The Google Adsense team often check for the design and structure of your blog before they approve or decline your application. Make it a point of call that you have a very nice theme with good header, content area, sidebar, footer and the rest before applying for Google Adsense.

7. Make sure your blog is not blocked by Google

If your website or blog is blocked by Google, there is no way the Google Adsense team will approve your application. Check if your blog is blocked by Google before sending in your application to Google Adsense.

Check on Google to be sure if your website or blog is not blocked by Google. If search results fails to show, then you know your blog is being blocked by Google but if it shows search results, then it is not blocked.

8. Delete all Adsense Prohibited Contents

Google Adsense are really concerned about the kind of posts found on their publishers account and they will never approve a blog which has their prohibited contents. Blogs which contains adult contents, copyrighted contents, drug alcohol-related contents, hacking contents, violent contents and illegal contents will not get approved by Google Adsense.

9. Traffic

Hey Do not worry about Visitors or traffic yet
What a lot of people fail to understand is that high traffic and visitors are not needed in order to get an approval message from Google Adsense. Meanwhile,

Just focus on the quality of your blog before you apply for Google Adsense. If you keep putting your mind to high traffic, you might be wasting all the time in the world before you would even apply to Google Adsense.

10 . Advertisement

Yes as we may know ads is good when it comes to making money online but sorry to say this before you apply for google adsense don’t included anything like advertisement or pop ads in your site,

After you have gotten adsense Approval then you can only use few advert on your site do me a favour and don’t use pop ads on your site because google adsense don’t like it, alright then happy earning.


Getting an approval message from Google Adsense is quite easy if the above secrets are followed. Once the secrets are followed well, making money from your blog is just a matter of time because you will surely be approved by the Google Adsense team.

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