Okay hello every one due to my research about many topics i have heard a lot of issue google Adsenes but hey it not a big deal

Because Probably after you have been approved by Google AdSense to serve ads on your site, but to your notice one day you check your AdSense earnings and you get a notification from AdSense which goes like this:
Earnings at risk – One or more of your site does not have an ads.txt.file.
Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

This notification looks shocking and scary at first sight,

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but do not worry about this, because in this article Am going to teach you how to fix Google adSense ads.txt.file. error, in both wordpress and Blogger platform so learnt me your heart.

Wait but be in a hurry let us know what Google adSense ads.txt.file is all about but if you already no skip this.

What Is Google AdSense Ads.Txt.File?

Well Google AdSense ads.Txt.file (Authorized Digital Seller is an IAB Technology Laboratory initiative text file that help to prevent unauthorized and illegal inventory sales.  Ads.txt file protects publishers from ad fraud, and it can for sure increase your ad revenue.

This is supported by Google’s advertising platforms like Google Adsense, Doubleclick, and Ad Exchange.

So The essence for this is to protect the interest of the Publisher and Advertisers and prevent serving unauthorized ads on pages.

Why is Ad.txt file it Important?

Yeah Ads.txt file is so impotant because it improves transparency in online advertisement by allowing publishers to declare who can sell their ad inventory.

okay check out how it works quickly:

If you are an advertiser and someone tells you that they can display your ad on a particular website, then you can go and checkout that website’s ads.txt file.

It will show you if the company you are dealing has the permission to sell advertising space on that particular website or not so thats All for that.

Okay let’s get started


Step 1: Visit your AdSense earnings dashboard, using Google chrome or your Any of your favorite brower favourite browser but i will Advice you to use Google chrome,

Then you will see the ads.txt.file. notification error, click on Learn More in the bar.

This will take you to Google’s support guide. You’ll see a code that looks exactly like this:, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08a65fce0942fao

Copy the code exactly as they are.

Then replace – pub-0000000000000000 with your Google AdSense Publisher’s ID.

Your Google adSense Publisher’s ID is a 16 digits unique number in every adSense account owned by any Publisher (blogger).

You find your AdSense Publisher’s ID in your AdSense earnings dashboard. Goto Accounts then click Settings then click Account informations then you will find your pub id there.

Below is an example how you should replace the pub-0000000000000000 with your Publisher’s ID.

Example:, Pub-2345617898736257, DIRECT, f07a65fec0942fa0

How to solve ad.txt file error on WordPress

Step 1: Install and activate Ads.txt Manager Plugin.

Step 2: After you must have installed and activated the Ads.txt. Manager Plugin, login into your WordPress dashboard,

click on Settings, locate the Ads.txt Manager. Click on it. An empty field will be provided.

Step 3: Copy and paste the Google ads.txt.file code with your AdSense Publisher’s ID included, into the empty field provided in the ads.txt. manager Plugin. Then click on Save Changes.

Boom!!! Congratulations, the error has been fixed, on wordpress.

Note: the error does not leave instantly the ads.txt.file error notification will disappear few hours later.

How To Fix Ads.Txt.File in Blogger

Okay this steps are for people using blogger platform, whenever you see adSense okay lets get started with Ads.Txt.file error fixing.

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard. Then click on Settings.

Step 2: Click on Search preference.

Step 3: A new page will open to you. Okay just look Beside Custom ads.txt. Click on Edit.

Step 4: Enable Custom ads.txt. By clicking on  Yes .

Step 5: In the empty field provided, copy and paste the Google txt.file code with your Publisher’s ID included. Then click on Save Changes.

Congratulations Again you’ve fixed the ads.txt.file error, in blogger.

Note: the ad.txt file will not leave instantly rather it will leave by a little time like 2 to 3hrs time.


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