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In accordance with my resarch AdSense is the best ad network for bloggers, and also a favorite method to earn money from blogging. So i will be your tutor today showing you How to add AdSense to WordPress.

Alright For existing customers, including AdSense code in a website isn’t difficult, but when I recall my previous days, it completely freek me out fine I’m going to reveal to you the precise method to do this isn’t hard just read together.

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  • How to Add Adsense code in WordPress
  • How to Add Adsense code in blogger


You need to know your PHP, also comprehend WordPress theme arrangement. But if you are a newbie at wordpress no need to worry you may surly know this in time.

In the following guide, I’ll be sharing the way you’re able to Add AdSense to WordPress via different procedures.

Create AdSense ads code for your WordPress Website:

If you already have an AdSense account, then login to the dashboard. If you don’t go ahead and create one

As of 2019, AdSense has introduced Auto-ads. This is a smart way to integrate AdSense to your WordPress website. In fact, auto (automatic) ads take care of automatic placement and optimization using AI technology.

  • Login to AdSense Dashboard
  • From the sidebar, click on Ads > Ad units > New ad units

On the next page, you have multiple options. Select “Text and display ads”

Give your ad unit a meaningful name. This will be later used to see the effectiveness of that perticular ad unit. For example, if you are placing the ad on the sidebar, simply name it something like “domainname-sidebar-bla bla bla”. Bla bla.bla here is above the fold.

Click on save and get the code. This is how the ad code will look like:

That’s your ad code which you will be using to implement AdSense on your WordPress website. I want you to take a moment and pay attention to “data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6601904697443775” in the above code. That numeric digit is your AdSense Pub ID.  This Pub ID is your unique AdSense account number and you may need it in the future.

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From here, we have

multiple options to add AdSense to WordPress.

Let’s have a look:

  • Using widest method
  • Using AdSense WordPress plugin

How to Add AdSense Code to WordPress Blog:

Using Widget Method:

In this method, you need to go to Appearance> Widgets in the WordPress dashboard.

Drag a text widget to your sidebar, select text and copy-paste the above code.

With simple two Minutes plus of effort, you may add Google Adsense to your WordPress blog as simple as that.

How to Add AdSense using WordPress plugin (Advance Ads)

get Advanced Ads, use the following form:

Or just log in to your WordPress dashboard and follow the steps below or click here to get the plugin

  • click on Plugins in the WordPress menu
  • click on Add New on top of the plugin page
  • search for Advanced Ads in the search field
  • select Advanced Ads from the results and click Install and Activate
  • After you activated the plugin, you can go to Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense
  • Enter the publisher ID in the AdSense ID field. You can find it in the URL when you are logged into your AdSense account.

It may take up to 48 hours for advertisements to show up on your website now.

No coding required. The code will be placed automatically in the ideal area in your code.

You can use Use Ezoic to boost your AdSense earning and also implement AdSense on your site.


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