How Much Money Instagram Influencers Really Make Per Post



We see our favourite bloggers and influencers sharing snaps from their latest holiday, or from back stage at Fashion Week and we wish that we could live the life they have.

And if that weren’t annoying enough, we also know that they probably got paid to do all these fabulous things that they’re doing.

But just how much do they make per post? Good question…

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This has been something many people have wondered and now it seems we have an answer – and it’s all thanks to the UK Bloggers Survey 2019.

The survey has revealed that the average influencer can earn between £100 (Sh13,185) and £1,000 (Sh131,730) on a sponsored post.

The exact figure that ends up in their bank account depends on two very specific things – how many followers they have and what it is they’re advertising.

Experts found that the most popular amount someone would charge a sponsor for content is £250 (Sh25,210), with almost half of all parenting bloggers charging this much for each post.

Research for the study was conducted by Canterbury Christ Church University alongside Vuelio and the results were intended to show how British influencers work with PRs, what topics they cover and how their role is changing.

Unsurprisingly 2018 saw a rise in the number of “professional bloggers” whose main reason for blogging and using social media is as their “main source of income”.

The survey also found that bloggers are predominantly female and that the most popular topics they cover are lifestyle, parenting, fashion and beauty, food and drink and travel.

So how much time do they have to devote to their page if they want to turn blogging into a career?

According to 30 percent of participants, they spend 30 hours or more a week working on their posts and those who spent more time working on their blog were found to have more unique visitors to their page each month.


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