3 ways to use blog to make money online




I’m a blogger so i will tell you nothing but the clean truth on how to use blog to make money online, Alright lets get straight to the point  

 1. Google AdSense

the oga parta parta of them all ( the main way to or  site to monetize your blog) Google Adsense is a simple method to profit from your blog. 
You should simply add a content from Google to your site and begin showing promotions.

You will get paid for each time a client taps on the promotion. These are called CPC advertisements


What is CPC? CPC means “cost per click.” By showing CPC advertisements with Google Adsense, you get a set expense each time a promotion on your site is clicked by a guest.

The expense per click is set by the sponsor.
 (This is as opposed to CPM promotions, where you’re paid for advertisement sees rather than snaps. CPM signifies “cost per thousand impressions,” where M is the roman numeral for 1,000.) Google Adsense is a decent method to begin gaining cash online when you are first beginning.

 2. Advertising 

 This is unquestionably the most old-school method for procuring cash with a blog. It’s additionally beginning to wind up the least normal way. 
You can move publicizing spots straightforwardly on your site or you can join with an organization like Google AdSense or Media.net.
 In any case, you won’t see a ton of cash from promotions until the point when your traffic thousands every day.

  3. Affiliate 

There are many  systems, for example, FlexOffers and CJ Affiliate that enable you to totally pomote items.

You can just put a connection or a link on your page and after that someone purchases the item/benefit. 
You’ll need to choose items that are explicitly inside your blog’s category.
This is a compelling method to gain cash once you have the traffic going to your blog.

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