Must Read: Update for Our Members Only



Great News for All the Members at we have Made you Proud again as we made A huge partnership deal with a income site Which Is Afrovybez were by you can make money online, don’t worry About Registration fee our partnership has reduced their Registeration fee from 2000Naira (Roughly 6$) to 1000naira, (Roughly 3.5$)

Note the offer is only for the members already by Next week we are closing our signup page in

So how can i register In Afrovybez

Must Read: Update for Our Members Only 1

  1. 1. Go to Afrovybez coupon distributors page and go to any of their coupon Agent (first Number)

2. give them your Username you have on plus the 1000Naira Registration fee

3 then they will give you your Coupon code to register within minutes you are good to go.

Note this offer is only for members

Head on to Now!!!

If you have a account on then you are Eligible to Afrovybez at 500h instead of 2000 Registeration fee

Enjoy while the offer last.


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